Sexy_McCool (sexy_mccool) wrote in roofrocks,

Another song idea.

Hey, so I tried to send all you guys an e-mail but I'm up north currently and I have to use my brother's laptop. The wireless isn't very reliable or fast, so it didn't work. So sorry, but you guys are going to have to check this song out on your own. If anybody has Kazzaa or Limewire or anything like that, I reccomend downloading it.

Battle Without Honor or Humanity
Tomoyasu Hotei

...also known as "Kill Bill Teaser" sometimes

(It's from Kill Bill)

PS sorry for the stupid user-name... it was (believe it or not) my nickname in 7th grade... when I made this journal.
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I love that song! I've been meaning to buy the soundtrack of kill bill for a while.

my only beef with the song is that people will recognize it.
I dunno man, I mean... not everyone has seen that movie, and even if they have... they probably won't remember the song. You have to remember the audience for our film will mostly be our parents and other G&T people. I really doubt most of our parents saw that movie.
I don't know a single person who hasn't seen it.

It should be something mysterious, and happy. It is a comedy afterall, we don't want to start off with Rob Zombie or anything.